Sample Contract

Raymond D. Carson of Aeronautical Technologies, Inc. hereby lists for sale with World Aero Service the following described aircraft:

1987 Hawker 400A/731
Serial Number 258042
F.A.A. Number N58PF

In consideration of this agreement, World Aero Service agrees to use its best efforts to secure a purchaser for the above aircraft. The owner hereby grants World Aero Service the non-exclusive right to sell said aircraft for a period of 180 days from the date of this agreement.

If World Aero Service is successful in procuring a purchaser for the aircraft for the sum of $1,600,000 (one million six hundred thousand dollars U.S.), or for any other price agreed upon by the owner, said owner agrees to pay World Aero Service a commission of three percent (3%) of the aircraft sale price.

The terms of this contract are on a sales commission basis only. Said owner will not incur any charges for service if World Aero Service is unable to procure a buyer for said aircraft within the fore mentioned time frame.

It is understood and agreed that the terms of any sale and/or agreement must be approved by the owner.

World Aero Service agrees to pay for all marketing and advertising of said aircraft. During the term of this agreement, the owner shall maintain liability and hull insurance policies on the aircraft.

If World Aero Service obtains a purchaser for the aircraft, owner agrees to sell the aircraft to the purchaser thus obtained, free and clear of all liens and security interest.

In the event that World Aero Service is required to commence legal action to collect any commission owed under this agreement, owner agrees to pay World Aero Service its reasonable attorney fees.

Aircraft Broker:                                                      Aircraft Owner:

x_______________                                                     x________________                                                                     .

George Barnes                                                            Raymond D. Carson
World Aero Service Inc.                                             Aeronautical Technologies, Inc.
1 Airport Road,                                                           1035 Albany St.
Warwick, NY 10990                                                    Utica, NY 13501

September 26, 2001