Q: Do you own my aircraft?
A: Absolutely not; you provide World Aero Service the exclusive right to market your aircraft; that is all.

Q: Do you take my aircraft to your location?
A: Absolutely not; your aircraft remains with you and is available to you at all times.

Q: How do I know what my aircraft is worth?
A: We include a free aircraft appraisal that determines the correct up-to-date market value for your aircraft based on engine(s), airframe, & prop(s) time, damage history, avionics, additional equipment, modifications, etc. NOTE: You are under no obligation to use the aircraft evaluation price that we provide you with. This is simply a computerized appraisal of your aircraft based on specifications and current market values. We will advertise your aircraft at any price you so choose.

Q: How much do other brokers charge?
A: Most brokers charge an average of 7.5% of your aircraft sale price.

Q: What does World Aero Service charge?
A: World Aero Service charges just 4% of your aircraft sale price; 2/3 of what you would expect to pay a realtor; with more than 10 times the service.

Q: What do you provide that most brokers don't?
A:  World Aero Service provides 'Full-Time' service. Most brokers have other jobs and ‘at most’ devote part-time hours in attempting to procure a purchaser for your aircraft.
World Aero Service pays for all advertisement; most brokers charge you for at least half of the advertising cost.
World Aero Service utilizes a Global Aircraft Acquisition & Locater Service. We 'Do Not' simply place ads and hope that prospective purchasers will come to us; we outsource globally. Our World-Wide affiliates will enter your aircraft in a Global Database of corporations & individuals who are currently in the market for an aircraft and are serious buyers. They will correspond with each and every company and individual entered in their database with regard to your aircraft being on the market and currently for sale; including outscoring numerous other corporations & Individuals .We are the only brokers who utilize this technique and fund this service and it is ‘all-inclusive’ with our service. NOTE: We have previously marketed a multitude of aircraft to many of these corporations and individuals, therefore we will usually get a price above market value, and the transaction goes through quickly.
We have affiliations with most FBOs and list your aircraft with them so that you get all of the aviation traffic (potential buyers) that goes through each Fixed-Base Operation.
We fill out all F.A.A. documents (at your request). Most brokers will not or cannot do this.
We handle all escrow paperwork or we will provide you consultation on how to fill out these forms.
Most importantly; World Aero Service is the Only Non-Exclusive Aircraft Brokerage Firm. And we still only charge our aircraft owners/clients a minimal commission of just 4% of the aircraft sale price. This is because of our experience and marketing prowess . On average, most brokers charge 7.5% of the aircraft sale price, for performing a fraction of what World Aero Service offers. And not one of these aforementioned brokers are Non-Exclusive. You the aircraft owner are obligated to them, even if you yourself locate a purchaser for your aircraft, you would still 'by way of contactural agreement,' owe them commision-of-sale; this is plain & simply not fair to you the aircraft owner.

Q: Does it take 180 days to sell an aircraft?
A: It usually takes World Aero Service less than half that. It's just that we guarantee six months of service, or until your aircraft has sold.

Q: How does World Aero Service accomplish global marketization?
A:  World Aero Service markets to serious buyers only. We have found that any & all serious buyers will secure ‘Full Funds,’ ‘Not Just a Deposit.’ This is indicative of a purchaser who has ‘ALL’ of the available funds, whether that be cash, a financial lending institution, or a combination of both. And that said purchaser is confident that this is the type aircraft they want. This proven process weeds out all non-buyers and focusses primarily on true prospective purchasers.
NOTE: World Aero Service specializes in “High-Performance” aircraft. As mentioned, we will secure ‘Full Funds’ (including delivery charges and a return plane ticket home for both pilot and co-pilot (if applicable). Your aircraft will then be flown to the prospective purchaser's location for a Pre-Purchase Inspection. Upon acceptance of aircraft, ‘Full Funds’ will be released (including delivery charges) to seller/s. In the event of non-acceptance, aircraft delivery charges, including return trip charges that are incurred by the prospective purchaser/s will be wire transferred immediately into Sellers’ /Owners’ bank account/s (as previously agreed upon and signed by both purchaser/s and seller/s by way of our ‘Aircraft Purchase Agreement,’ which is Held-in-Trust by our escrow agent). NOTE: World Aero Service secures ‘Full Funds’ in escrow prior, this eliminates tire kickers and focuses in on serious prospective buyers.

Q: I want to record and file the paperwork myself; I just want to have World Aero Service market my aircraft and find a buyer; can you accommodate me?
A: Yes, we will gladly do as much or as little as you want us to.

Q: What do I have to do?
A: World Aero Service takes care of everything.

Q: Do I pay for advertisement?
A: No, our fee is all-inclusive.

Q: What are some of the advertisers you use?
A: We use all of the major advertisers: Trade-A-Plane, Controller, Executive Controller, ASO and Global Air. We also use a variety of other advertisers.

Q: How do you locate buyers?
A: We utilize a Global Locator Service to outsource World-Wide.

Q: Can I use a locator service directly?
A: You could however it would not pay for you to do so. We pay an annual fee as well as a per aircraft fee which is much higher than what we charge our clients. Since we market a high volume of aircraft, it works for us, but for an individual seller, it would not pay off.

Q: How does escrow work?
A: An aircraft escrow service is an impartial third party that secures and holds funds. Since our escrow company is located in Oklahoma City, they have immediate access to the F.A.A. Registry, ensuring immediate document filing, which is included in their service. Normally buyers and sellers split the escrow fees 50/50.

Q: Why is immediate document filing important to me?
A: For a variety of reasons ‘especially pertaining to legality,’ it is absolutely imperative that you have your F.A.A. Docs. filed immediately and World Aero Service ensures that you do so.

Q: Do I have to use an escrow service?
A: No, however we highly recommend it.

Q: Why should I use an escrow service?
A: There is a tremendous benefit to using an escrow service. Besides eliminating non-serious buyers, having a prospective buyer secure funds shows that A.) He/she has money to purchase an aircraft and B.) This is the type aircraft that He/she is interested in purchasing. But there are further reasons for using an escrow service:
It completely eliminates the chance of fraud. Checks can have a “Stop Payment” on them – even cashiers’ checks. A certified check only shows that funds were available at the time the check was issued by the bank or other financial institution. When funds are secured in escrow, they are in good standing and when funds are released to you the seller, you are issued a federal-wire number and funds are available to you immediately.
By using an escrow service, you protect yourself from document forgery and defective filing. (Escrow is responsible for recording and filing of documents.)
F.A.A. receives immediate notification of the sale and the buyer therefore obtains immediate ownership. (F.A.A. does not have notification of “Change of Ownership” when the bill of sale is in the mail; if the buyer gets into an accident, you are still the registered owner and may be held liable).
Escrow services also protect against ownership disputes.
Our escrow service is ‘FULLY’ Insured & Bonded and you will be furnished with their E&O (Errors & Omissions).

Q: I want to use an escrow service of my choice, can I do so?
A: Absolutely; you can use whichever escrow you feel most comfortable with.

Q: I want to fill out escrow forms myself, I just may need some help; can you assist me?
A: We would be happy to assist you in filling out any escrow forms and any F.A.A. documents.