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The process of selling an aircraft can be a time-consuming ordeal that can go on for months or even years with no apparent end in sight. There are just too many prospective buyers who are more than willing to waste your time. Our service eliminates all of the hassle involved in selling an aircraft – we cover every aspect. World Aero Service has an unblemished record of quality aircraft service. So why not leave it to the professionals?

Our success is due to the fact that we locate businesses and corporations, as well as individuals, who are looking to purchase an aircraft. While most brokers simply place ads and list your aircraft – at your cost, World Aero Service advertises your aircraft at no cost to you. As previously mentioned, we locate buyers instead of having them come to us. Because we outsource globally, we do not rely on prospective purchasers happening upon our aircraft, we go out and procure them! In fact, approximately 90% of our sales are from businesses that we locate and have sold aircraft too previously. We are the only brokerage service that utilizes this technique! And because we are so confident in our sales & marketing methodology, we pay for ALL marketing (not just ads in all of the major aviation publications but ALL of our outsourcing cost as well); completely cost-free to you, no catch what-so-ever and no strings attached. And you will never incur any charges or pay us one single cent if for whatever reason we are unable to procure a purchaser for your aircraft; at the price that you want, not what we want to sell your aircraft for, as boldly written in plain terminology in our contracts. You will not find this technique and confidence with any other aircraft brokerage company! At World Aero Service we understand that placing ads is just not sufficient.

As part of our service we handle all calls, e-mails, faxes, and anything else pertaining to the sale of your aircraft, including but not limited to questions regarding logbook records, performance data, and maintenance history.

World Aero Service has the internal and external capability of marketing your aircraft locally as well as globally, thereby increasing our aircraft purchase acquisition exponentially. As part of our service, we will notify potential buyers not just in your immediate area but 'World-Wide' that your aircraft has gone on the market. We will also notify all FBOs, (local & non-local), including sending full specs. & photos of your aircraft. We affiliate ourselves with most FBOs around the country; we refer their services and they in turn list our clients’ aircraft. Included in our service, we will advertise your aircraft (full specs. & photos) with all of the major advertisers, including Trade-A-Plane, Controller & Executive Controller, ASO, Global Air, etc. The cost of advertising is all-inclusive. (World Aero Service pays for all advertising.) And last but most certainly not least; we locate corporations, businesses and individuals that are in the market for a particular aircraft in every city and state in North America as well as every village, providence and prefecture in each and every country throughout the world. We strategically outsource our services globally with our affiliates working round-the-clock to place your aircraft with a buyer as quickly as possible.

We 'Do Not' transport your aircraft to our location, your aircraft remains in your possession and is available to you at 'All Times.' After we locate a buyer, our escrow team will complete All of the necessary paperwork, including the filing of all F.A.A. Documents. Your only obligation is for World Aero Service to be able to market your aircraft 'Non-Exclusively.' Yes, you read that correctly; we are truly the Only Non-Exclusive Aircraftf Brokerage Firm. What does that mean to you the aircraft owner? This means that as long as you are not already under contract with another aircraft broker, you yourself have every right to procure a purchaser yourself without owing us 'Anything!' No other aircraft brokerage has this kind of confidence in their marketing ability! 

World Aero Service works with a variety of finance companies and we are familiar with their process. Being affiliated with these financial lending institutions has additional benefits. We are able to acquire funds for prospective purchasers who might otherwise be turned down ‘this is very beneficial because in doing so, we secure them as definite buyers for your aircraft.’ Additionally, we handle all insurance & underwriting for prospective purchasers. This is also extremely beneficial to you as well as us because we are able to push sales through much faster and smoother. World Aero Service also has aviation tax specialists working along side us, this enables us with the ability to find many variable tax breaks and exclusions for prospective purchasers with regard to each state, providence and prefecture; resulting in many more aircraft aquisitions and subsequent satisfied owners/clients.

When we procure a purchaser for your aircraft, we will negotiate to get you 'The Aircraft Owner' the best possible price (frequently above market value). After a price has been reached and approved ‘by you the owner/s,’ we will secure Full Funds in escrow. NOTE: Securing funds first eliminates tire kickers and concentrates on true prospective purchasers only. The aircraft will then be flown to the prospective purchaser’s location (upon owner/s’ prior consent) for a Pre-Purchase Inspection. In certain circumstances said aircraft would have a pre-buy performed on field and in this instance would be taxied to the on-field maintenance facility. In either case, this is completely up the aircraft owner/s’ discretion. Upon acceptance of the aircraft, Full Funds will be released, including delivery charges and a return flight home, for the aircraft owner/s and/or pilot & Co-Pilot (if applicable). In the event of non-acceptance, aircraft delivery charges including return trip expenses are incurred by the prospective purchaser/s and will be wire-transferred immediately into Seller/s/Owner/s’ bank account (as previously agreed upon and signed by both purchaser/s and seller/s by way of our 'Aircraft Purchase Agreement.’ For more information on how securing funds in escrow works, please refer to our FAQs page.

World Aero Service will market your aircraft and perform all of the services previously mentioned for a period of 180 days (six months), or until your aircraft has been sold, whichever comes first. NOTE: On average we will find and secure a purchaser in half the aforementioned time however we guarantee that we will advertise and market your aircraft for the full six months.

Most aircraft brokers have other jobs with additional obligations and will generally charge you an average of 7.5% commission for part-time as well as partial service. At World Aero Service we are Full-Time and we operate a much more integrated and successful marketing approach, which means we will be putting more time and effort into selling your aircraft. This translates into having your aircraft on the market for a shorter period of time (approximately 30% faster than most brokers and 50 to 70% faster than if sold personally), providing a faster payoff. Our fee for our All-Inclusive & Non-Exclusive service, is just 4% of the aircraft sale price and we will typically procure a price above market value for your aircraft, which means that ultimately our fee is paid by the purchaser.

Our commission is just 2/3 of what you would expect to pay a realtor. And you will never be furnished with or asked to fill out any such forms that you might typically be obligated to by a Real Estate Agent, such as - additional Addendums, Disclosures, Affiliated Business Arrangements, Professional Services, etc. Our Aircraft Broker Agreement is simply a one page contract written in plain easy to understand language with 'No' fancy or confusing terminology, fine print or deception. Please refer to our ‘Sample Contract’ page for details.

At World Aero Service we 'Do Not' get paid until we sell your aircraft. If for some reason your aircraft does not sell, you will not have to pay us a cent – making our service Completely Risk-Free. You have Absolutely Nothing to Lose!

When World Aero Service was first created, we understood that we had to find a better way to market our clients' aircraft. We have access to corporations, small businesses and individuals throughout the entire globe; ensuring that the system we use to sell your aircraft is much more successful than just placing ads. We are professionals at finding buyers but most importantly we are professionals at securing buyers.